Friday, 4 January 2013


Hi guys, I'm new at this, so forgive me if i'm missing out any information and feel free to add them in as a comment. Thanks!

Things to do:
1) Complete the social studies SBQ Homework (Including Source E which we received today)
2) Sign the AUP form and submit it on Monday
3) Write 3 things you know, or think you know about energy reactions

Things to remember:
1) The food donation drive is on the 19th of January:
- Those who are going directly there, report at 8am
- Those who are following the school there, report in school at 7am
2) Math file check is on monday in Week 9, so please remember to file everything in by then and bring your file on that day. You are supposed to receive a template of the cover page for the math file, and arrange all worksheets in chronological order(most recent at the front)
3) Temperature check is on next monday, so do bring your thermometer and ensure it is in working condition. Report to class, not the ISH
4) Bring Statistics notes next Monday
5) Chemistry Diagnostic test is on next Tuesday, so please prepare for it
6) Chemistry Practical is in week 2

Other Stuff:
1) The Science department is planning to organize AEMs(Advanced Elective Modules) during the following periods:
(a) March Holidays (18-22 March 2013) Nee Ann Polytechnic - Aviation
(b) June Holidays (3-7 June 2013) Republic Polytechnic - Aviation

The cost is $55, and the maximum capacity is 20 students, so for those who are interested, inform Mr Tan Hoe Teck as soon as possible.

2) For HCL Students, O Level results for Normal Chinese will be released next Friday, so mentally prepare yourself :D. Those who get below B3 will be advised to drop to normal chinese.

- S4 Parents' briefing (18 January)
- Motivation cum career guidance camp (28-30 January)
- Level test 1 (20 Feb to 1 March)
- Official opening and Celebrations@SST (13 April)
- Common Test (23 March to 3 April)
- SPM (25 May)
- School Oral Exam (29-30 July)
- Prelim (14 to 23 August)
- Graduation ceremony (27 September)
- Prom night (20 November 2012)

==========291 days to first O level paper==========

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