Friday, 15 February 2013

Theme for 2013 Total Defence Day:
The theme seeks to convey the message that we are able to enjoy what we have in Singapore today because of the determination and hard work of generations of Singaporeans who have stuck together, overcoming many challenges along the way and bringing Singapore forward to what it is today. 

As long as we remain united as one, we will succeed in building a secure and bright future for ourselves and our children.

Lesson Objectives  :
active citizenry involvement in the defence of a nation is critical in sustaining the peace and security of the country.
each citizen has a part to play in building a united and resilient communities (for e.g. social, economic, political, etc) that contribute to the nation's security and success.

Instructions for group work.
Create comic strip using appropriate applications & drawing tools. Your topic: Psychological Defence.
The comic strip must fit into 1 A4 size paper.
Best entry from each class
will be submitted to the NE Committee for final selection.

Topic: Sec 4 – Psychological Defence

"Singaporean and proud of it"

Loyal and committed to our country
When Singaporeans are united in pride and passion for our country, we will stand up to defend what is ours and protect our independence as a nation.

Having the will and resilience to overcome challenges

Whatever the crisis or challenge, our ability to overcome challenges depends on how mentally strong we are. It is this will and the commitment of our people that will decide how strong we are as a nation.

Formation of Group - 3 or 4 people in a group.
Appointment of leader, scribe, timekeeper.

 Deadline: 17/02/2013 ( 2359)

More information could be found on the Total Defence Website:

Some Comic Strip Creating Softwares:-

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